International Exchange - Support Staff Camp Ozark

Each summer, Camp Ozark hires up to 75 college-aged young people from several countries, including Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, to serve as members of the Camp Ozark International Support Staff. Available Support Staff positions include Kitchen Staff, Cook, Cleaning Crew and Work Crew. Our international Support Staff have the unique opportunity to serve others in a behind-the-scenes manner while helping make the Camp Ozark as safe, incomparable and fun as possible. In addition, our International Support Staff also have the opportunity to:

  • Make new friends from the United States
  • Improve English-speaking skills
  • Gain valuable employment experience
  • Experience a top-tier American summer camp, including many of the camp activities
  • Learn about American culture through a variety of camp-sponsored activities as well as independent travel
  • Travel in the United States after their employment term ends

The specific responsibilities of the International Support Staff vary, depending on the position. However, general responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Preparing the Camp Ozark Dining Halls for each of the three daily meals
  • Limited food preparation
  • Preparing drinks
  • Serving meals to campers and staff
  • Overseeing the soup/salad/potato bar
  • Post-meal cleanup, including mopping, sweeping, cleaning tables, and washing dishes
  • Preparing food/snacks for other camp activities, such as Special Events and Lake days


  • Assisting with food preparation and cooking
  • Maintaining a clean food environment
  • Assisting with the serving of meals
  • Assisting with post-meal cleanup, including mopping, sweeping, cleaning of tables, and washing dishes


  • Cleaning all restroom and shower facilities, including toilets, sinks, showers, and all touchable surfaces
  • Collection and disposal of trash
  • Assisting with camper luggage (baggage) on Opening and Closing Day

Work Crew:

  • Preparing, setting up and taking down all nightly Special Events
  • Collection and disposal of trash
  • Assisting with food transport
  • Assisting with collection and cleaning of laundry

If you have any questions or would like additional information about the Support Staff positions, please email us at [email protected]